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sparql - SPARQL main API

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SPARQL implementation on top of RDFLib

Implementation of the W3C SPARQL language (version April 2005). The basic class here is supposed to be a superclass of rdfextras.sparql.graph; it has been separated only for a better maintainability.

There is a separate description for the functionalities.

For a general description of the SPARQL API, see the separate, more complete description.

Variables, Imports

The top level ( module of the Package imports the important classes. In other words, the user may choose to use the following imports only:

from rdflibUtils   import myTripleStore
from rdflibUtils   import retrieveRDFFiles
from rdflibUtils   import SPARQLError
from rdflibUtils   import GraphPattern

The module imports and/or creates some frequently used Namespaces, and these can then be imported by the user like:

from rdflibUtils import ns_rdf

Finally, the package also has a set of convenience string defines for XML Schema datatypes (ie, the URI-s of the datatypes); ie, one can use:

from rdflibUtils import type_string
from rdflibUtils import type_integer
from rdflibUtils import type_long
from rdflibUtils import type_double
from rdflibUtils import type_float
from rdflibUtils import type_decimal
from rdflibUtils import type_dateTime
from rdflibUtils import type_date
from rdflibUtils import type_time
from rdflibUtils import type_duration

These are used, for example, in the sparql-p implementation.

The three most important classes in RDFLib for the average user are Namespace, URIRef and Literal; these are also imported, so the user can also use, eg:

from rdflib import Namespace, URIRef, Literal


  • Version 1.0: based on an earlier version of the SPARQL, first released implementation
  • Version 2.0: version based on the March 2005 SPARQL document, also a major change of the core code (introduction of the separate GraphPattern rdflibUtils.graph.GraphPattern class, etc).
  • Version 2.01: minor changes only: - switch to epydoc as a documentation tool, it gives a much better overview of the classes - addition of the SELECT * feature to sparql-p
  • Version 2.02: - added some methods to myTripleStore rdflibUtils.myTripleStore.myTripleStore to handle Alt and Bag the same way as Seq - added also methods to add() collections and containers to the triple store, not only retrieve them
  • Version 2.1: adapted to the inclusion of the code into rdflib, thanks to Michel Pelletier
  • Version 2.2: added the sorting possibilities; introduced the Unbound class and have a better interface to patterns using this (in the BasicGraphPattern class)

@author: Ivan Herman

@license: This software is available for use under the W3C Software License

@contact: Ivan Herman,

@version: 2.2

class rdfextras.sparql.SPARQLError(msg)[source]

Am SPARQL error has been detected

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